AHSI CPR for Professionals

CPR for Professionals Heartwell CPR and First Aid Prescott AZGet started now! Weekly classes or convenient online training available.

Whether CPR is critical for your job or if it’s just something you feel you should know, you need to remember that it is a renewable certification and expires every 2 years. We know that if you don’t use the CPR skills you’ve learned, you’re likely to lose them or forget key points. This is especially true in an emergency situation.

Our training courses are delivered by experienced professionals who will provide you with materials that you can review and use as a refresher at any time. During the training you will also get the hands-on training you need to really understand CPR. We also make sure you have tie for questions and become comfortable with the material prior to the exam.

This course is for participants interested in learning just CPR or renewing their training. The class is held during the first 2 hours of every class. Participants receive an American Safety and Health Institute Certification (ASHI)


Course Length:  2 hours
Cost:  $25 per person